Ria Serebryakova is a Russian fashion model based in New York. She is known for her appearances in 2016 Ray-Ban's "Never Hide", 2018 L'Oreal Color & Co, and 2020 Estée Lauder campaigns. In 2017, Ria Serebryakova was featured in Harper's Bazaar with "Stranger Things" stars Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp.

Along with her modeling work, Ria Serebryakova is an activist and artist. She has been associated with many environmental issues and invests her limited free time to contribute to several important causes. For instance, Serebryakova released a photo exhibition titled "The 2084," which highlighted the growing problem of plastic pollution in our world. The photo exhibition, which was attended by hundreds of New Yorkers, was displayed in New York City's renowned Van Der Plas Gallery